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CoEvolve is a community for people who want to realise

their greatness and enable greatness in others.


CoEvolve is for business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

For teachers, trainers and facilitators.

For health professionals


for anyone interested in living a life of passion and purpose while inspiring others.


Connects People with their Purpose

through gentle conversations and programs that are designed for ‘wonder’ful introspection, insight and action

through books, movies, poems, experiences, internet links and the myriad connections between all of these.

Santhan’s story

Incubates Ecologies

CoEvolve brings like minded people together into structured groups, so that they can bond, dream, and co-create together.


CoEvolve has been a vital cog in bringing together an amazing group of thirty people from across India working to raise consciousness individually, and in business, health and education.

Conscious Youthpreneurship

An ecology of young people with ideas that can change the world, brought together to learn, support and celebrate with each other.


A community of leaders, coaches, mentors and more, passionate about touching the lives of the financially under-privileged. CoEvolve introduced a rich and diverse group of facilitators who support shaping the community and the work.

Conscious Capitalism Community

The CCI (Conscious Capitalism Institute) is a great vision of inspiring the business world to shift from an excessive focus on shareholder wealth to honoring all stakeholders. CoEvolve has been actively engaged  in enabling this ecology.  

Connects People with CoCreative Possibilities

Since 1996, the CoEvolve community has grown to a few hundred amazing souls, each with unique gifts and inspiring visions for the world. 

They all want to meet others like them, and work together for synergistic results.

Mujeeb’s story

Enables Businesses in the new world

In the internet age, the dynamics of business are profoundly shifting. In this new world companies that demonstrate a new level of win-win thinking are clearly outperforming others.  

CoEvolve works with companies to develop leaders who can ease the transition from creating shareholder value to creating multi-stakeholder value.

Through this collaboration, CoEvolve aims to help organisations to bring together leaders, shareholders, partners, investors, customers and employees into a synergistic partnership.

Swami Raote’s story

Partial List of Clients

Procter & Gamble, Singapore

National Univ. of Singapore

Cisco, Bangalore

Cadburys, Mumbai

IBM, Bangalore

Johnson & Johnson, Mumbai

Naukri.com, New Delhi

Atlas Copco, Pune

Rational Software

Hindustan Lever

Majesco, USA & Mastek, Mumbai

School Of Inspired Leadership

Oracle, Bangalore

RSB Global

Thermax Limited, Pune

Hero Honda, Delhi

Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai

Ranbaxy Laboratories

VarStreet Inc., USA

Tata Honeywell Ltd.


Kiran Gulrajani is the founder of CoEvolve. His singular contribution has been facilitating profound learning for over 500 leaders at senior levels of the corporate world, professional training, education, health and social initiatives in India, Singapore, USA, and other parts of the world. 

On his journey Kiran has learnt from and connected deeply with Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dan Millman, Peter Senge,

Mark Silver and many other inspiring souls who have influenced his work. He has since connected many fellow travellers to them in the spirit of co-evolution. 

Through his signature program, Tao of Facilitation, and his penchant for connecting with great minds and hearts, Kiran has developed a growing ecology of more than 100 gifted facilitators, many of whom have been experienced senior trainers in the field. He is currently authoring a book about this experience.


“…high value to me and my team. Very difficult subject dealt in a manner that could work change, empowerment in my mind. Your strong commitment is outstanding. It is clear that you have seen-lived-experienced life more closely”

Vinayak Deshpande, when CEO & Managing Director, Tata Honeywell Ltd.

“… our senior people who have attended Kiran’s workshop have benefited greatly by it, as have I personally. The workshop is deep yet practical, offering a mirror to see your own abilities and ... Going through a series of exercises (experiences)…, I was able to easily identify rough edges in the way I was relating to people. . I have noticed distinct improvements  I have no hesitation in recommending Kiran’s programme to any leader or aspirant.”

Sudhakar Ram, Chairman & Group CEO, Mastek

“… we have been seeing positive results in the organisation… each person benefited. We are grateful.” 

Ashish Vikram, when Managing Director, Rational Software, now MD at Oat Systems

“Your own deep knowledge, yet the simplicity and genuineness helped the entire program. The method of learning was very inspiring – co-creation, quotes and instances from life, mix of physical with mind and feelings.”

P. Rajshekhar, when COO, Mastek

“ … love and respect to my new friend and fellow traveller of mind and heart”

Gay Hendricks, author, “Corporate Mystic”,  has coached heads of several Fortune 49  companies.

“ …testify to meeting someone who is ‘special’ , ‘incredibly well-read’ and refreshingly ‘un-trainer like’”

Naresh Purushotham, Managing Partner & Crestcom International Facilitator

“ …deep appreciation for the spark you ignite and the soul tickle your presence invites”

Kathlyn Hendricks, founder Living University, USA

“ The effect of the three days is profound! Each and every team member was still enthusing not only about the program, but about their own personal discoveries. The team really needed this. On a personal note, I found this to be one of the best programs ever for me. I also very much enjoyed meeting you, enjoyed our conversations” 

Eddie Holland, when Director, CISCO, Asia- Pacific 

"I enjoyed your session and found your style and manner to be one of patience, insight, calm and guided learning. Your passion shows and as such, it is a joy to watch"         

Stephen Gianotti, Vice President, BM & Associates Inc., USA

" ... depth in expressing some of the highest truths is unbelievable. ...eye for observation and bringing out the most subtle nuances is beyond words"       

R.K. Subramanya, Oracle

"An excellent session that addressed the complexity of facilitation. ...made the implicit, explicit so that the process became useable, available, transferable."

Donalee Markus, PhD, Learning How to learn, Illinois, USA

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